Gérard Siegwalt Dogmatique
Gérard Siegwalt Dogmatique

The website of Gérard Siegwalt is presenting a complete summary of his writings. It also gives direct access to a number of his texts in format pdf. The bibliography follows three different modes in order to facilitate work : The first one is chronological, the second is thematic and the third according to categories. The texts have been published in different periodicals as well as in books. We should like to give thanks to all the editors, who have generously given authorization for reproduction on-line. As far as texts are concerned, which are not yet on-line, complete references are given.

These articles may serve as a sort of "introduction" or "initiation" to the "Dogmatique pour la catholicité évangélique" DCE, published in five volumes and 10 tomes between 1986 and 2007. References to the DCE are given by the different modes of the bibliography – in particular the one concerning subjects – as well as in several texts.

The on-line articles have been scanned and reproduced in most cases on the base of the original texts in periodicals or books. Essentially these have been respected. However, some minor corrections have been made, concerning the make-up of pages or the form of the text. Other corrections refer to minor errors of editing in order to present the text better readable on-line or – in rare cases – to render it more conform to the original manuscript.

This webside has originally been produced in order to give French-speaking students of Africa, Madagascar, the Caraibs and Oceania the possibility to read the writing of Gérard Siegwalt. The website remains in construction and will continually be enriched.


Gérard Siegwalt

Profession : Systematic theology

“Each end may become way through. These books are telling about this and that is the very heart of Christian faith.”

Gérard Siegwalt, son of a Lutheran pasterhood, was born in Ingwiller (Alsace/France). After his scolarity that has been marked by Second World-War (1939-1945), he undertakes the study of Theology at the protestant Faculty of the University of Strasbourg and at Princeton Theological Seminary (U.S.A.). There he becomes Master of Theology with a thesis on « The doctrine of the Holy Spirit and religious experience in the thought of Jonathan Edwards. An interpretative introduction in his theology » (1954).

He becomes vicar in a parish of the Church of the Augsburg Confession in Alsace and Lorraine, executes his military service and prepares the admission for the doctoral degree.

After having been charged with the teaching of the old languages (Hebrew, Greek and Latin) at the protestant Faculty of Strasbourg (1959-1964), with the beginning of the academic year 1964/65 he is called to teach Dogmatics.  At the same time, he is ordained minister of the Church of the Augsburg Confession in Alsace  and Lorraine.

In 1967 he acquires the doctorate degree by delivering as his main thesis « Nature et histoire. Leur réalité et leur vérité » and as his complementary thesis « La loi, chemin du salut ».

He gets married and is father of 3 children. Second marriage.

He is member of the Evangelical Brotherhood of St. Michael, gets training in spiritual exercises, mainly through retreats in Zen-meditation and of « Fastening and praying ». He undertakes a psychoanalysis.

Over the years he becomes member of various Church Commissions (theological, ecumenical, liturgical, ecological, of interreligious dialogue) and of other organisations (Paul Tillich Association, FEST/Heidelberg, World Conference of religions for peace). Since the early seventies he has given once a year a common teaching together with a colleague of the catholic Faculty.

In 1979 Gérard Siegwalt begins to work on a « Dogmatics for evangelical catholicity». At the same moment he initiates interdisciplinary work, particularily with scientists, economists, lawyers, philosophers and theologians. In the summer-semester 1990 he is guest-professor at the protestant Faculty of Heidelberg. During all those years he gives numerous lectures in France, Germany, Switzerland, also in Luxemburg and Belgium, in Cameroun, the U.S .A. and Québec (Canada).

He retires in 1997. In the years which follow he continues work his Dogmatics, but teaches also for longer periods in Québec, in Armenia and in Madagascar,  or accompanishes spiritual retreats in France, Germany and Switzerland. At the local level he engages in the interreligious dialogue in the sense of a « Fraternité d’Abraham ».

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